Divisions We Offer:

PreK: 4/5 year-olds, Co-Ed, Size 3 ball

Kindergarten: 5/6 year-olds, Co-Ed, Size 3 ball

1st Grade: 7 year-olds, Co-Ed, Size 4 ball

2nd Grade: 8 year-olds, Co-Ed, Size 4 ball

3/4th Grade: Separate Boys/Girls teams, Size 4 ball

5/6th Grade: Separate Boys/Girls teams, Size 4 ball


Assessments: the 1st week of August (No Makeups)

At the 3/4th and 5/6th grade levels there will be assessments to determine skill levels of the registrants. This is necessary to balance the teams and create a competitive environment for the players. At all other levels the soccer coordinator will build the teams.



Coaches are encouraged to practice 1-2 times/week before the season officially begins and at least once per week after the season starts. Practice times and days are dependent on the coach’s and other player’s availability. Typical practice is to see what night/s and times work best for a majority of the team. Practice times may vary as well depending on the age level. The PreK, Kindergarten, and 1st graders typically practice for an hour (i.e. 5-5:45pm, 5-6pm, etc.), while the older divisions may practice for 1-1.5 hrs.


Soccer Season:

Our season runs from the weekend after Labor Day until the first weekend of November. The PreK and Kindergarten divisions usually end the last weekend in October due to the colder weather. We compete against other towns, so there may be travel to Springfield, Chesterfield, and North Hanover Township.


Inclimate Weather Policy:

We will play in the rain and the cold, but we do follow a few guidelines that help determine when games will be cancelled. Any torrential rain and/or accumulated snow that causes the fields to be a hazard for players will warrant a game cancellation on our fields. In addition, extreme cold (ambient plus wind chill below forty-degrees) will generally warrant a cancellation of games. However, in these situations I will allow coaches to proceed with games as scheduled if they have consensus amongst their teams.


Any bad weather (thunder/lightning) while practice/games are underway require a thirty-minute stoppage of play from the last clap of thunder or bolt of lightning. If a game is cancelled the coaches can discuss resuming the game at an agreed upon time, or decided to cancel the game altogether.


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